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As long as there are people with a free spirit, with a passion to use their holidays for more than just redecorating the house and with a desire to explore God's great earth, there will always be a Magical Tour.

We love Travel, at Magical Tours we’re not in it for the money, the recognition or the fame. We just love organising great tours for all the supercool people in our world. We invite you to come join in on the Magic.



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  1. Pam’s faves

    Pam-Tastic also loves the centre of London because of the diversity…  Gotta love it!

  2. I love London

    Pam-tastic is another one of our amazing team.  You should be aware by now that we only have the best most funnest people working with us at Magical Tours and Pam-tastic is no exception. She is beautiful, kind, thoughtful and selfless…  Here are her favourite bits of London

    My flat-cuz I live with Shelley! (Awwwwwww!)

    Or regents park—-because of the roses……

    Thanks Pam!  Who wouldn’t love Regents Park?!!  What’s your favourite bit?  Let us know!

  3. The bits I love best…

    Simon ‘the haze’ Hayes has more than one favourite bit of London

    The area areas just to the East of Tower Bridge on both sides of the river (Shad Thames) and Wapping fasinate me too.

  4. I love London

    Simon ‘the haze’ Hayes answered the question “What’s your favourite bit of London?”

    My favourite bit of London is the former dockland areas.  I like to look at the old pictures of when it was a thriving port with goods arriving from all over the world, and then compare the picture with what it is like today.  I particularly like the area of Rotherhithe, because there are lots of remnants of the old docks, like cranes, bridges edges of docks still in amongst the new buildings and parkland.