Magical Tours

As long as there are people with a free spirit, with a passion to use their holidays for more than just redecorating the house and with a desire to explore God's great earth, there will always be a Magical Tour.

We love Travel, at Magical Tours we’re not in it for the money, the recognition or the fame. We just love organising great tours for all the supercool people in our world. We invite you to come join in on the Magic.



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  1. Check out where you could be spending New Years Eve this year…  Keep up to here…  Also you can check out our website for more info

  2. This is where we’ll  be ringing in 2012.  Make sure you join us!

    This is where we’ll  be ringing in 2012.  Make sure you join us!

  3. Opportunity out of Difficulty…

    You know what’s a little bit difficult?  Finding a venue for New Year’s Eve to hold a fantastic party at.  A venue that doesn’t want a kidney for a deposit and an arm and a leg for hire.  A venue that is spacious, famous, exclusive, legend and perfect.  It’s a pretty big ask.

    Luckily, we have the Amazing Ad Carter working with us and we have managed to secure the ADAM STREET PRIVATE MEMBER’S CLUB for our New Years festivities.  

    Did you just hear that?  Yes, Adam Street!  Right on the Strand, walking distance to Trafalgar Square, primo fireworks spotting real estate!!  

    I’m so glad Ad Carter uses his powers for good and not evil.

    Here’s the event on FB… make sure you let us know you’re coming!  From there we can keep you up to date with entertainment updates and tickets sales.

    We’d love to spend New Years with you!