Magical Tours

As long as there are people with a free spirit, with a passion to use their holidays for more than just redecorating the house and with a desire to explore God's great earth, there will always be a Magical Tour.

We love Travel, at Magical Tours we’re not in it for the money, the recognition or the fame. We just love organising great tours for all the supercool people in our world. We invite you to come join in on the Magic.



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  1. Beatrix Potter in the Lakes District

    One of the things that intrigues me about the Lakes District is that Beatrix Potter loved it so.  Her farm Hill Top is here and one of the conditions of her leaving it to the National Trust when she died was that it be open to the public and is as she left it.  Her books were a huge part of my childhood and I’d love to visit where she lived.  Have you guys ever visited?  What did you think?

  2. Lets talk Lake District

    We’re planning a trip to the Lake District later on this year.  It’s organised by the our lovely Pam-tastic who is currently enjoying a holiday of her own back home in the States.  So, in the meantime before her arrival, let’s get all excited about what there is to do in the Lake District!

    If you have any ideas or favourites be sure to let us know!